Tuesday, June 3, 2008


In an effort to be a more frequent blogger, I'm posting plant pictures and no stitching pictures today. I did stitch a little more on the red thread project. In two nights I managed to get the outside of the June square stitched. Pitiful. I will get a picture of it up before the end of the week. I won't stitch on it tonight as we have moved our stitch night to tonight so we will have Wednesday night and Thursday to get ourselves ready for our weekend. I'll take something smaller to work on tonight. Red Thread isn't a great portable project. Anywho - here are some flower (less) pictures from last night.

My hydrangea seems to be much happier since I moved it. It has some new leaves coming out - will have to wait to see if I get any blooms!

I just know this daylily will bloom while I am away for the weekend! Since I will have my camera with me, hubby has been instructed to make ds#2 bring the other digital camera home and get a picture if it blooms while I'm gone!

My morning glories are getting bigger every day. I can't wait to see if I actually get flowers! This growing things can get kind of addicting.
Off to work with me!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could still quilt and embroider. I guess I could if I wanted to deal with the arthritis pain from all the hand surgeries! But I do have quilts and handwork in my home that I made and can hand down to my two daughters. Ya have to post plants sometimes, hon. It does the work for you!

bs honey said...

Hi, I must tell you what a joy you have coming to you. I've planted deep blue morning glories, for the first time ever, this year. Each morning, I can hardly wait to get to the window to look out.
Yep. You are in for a treat.
Blessings and Hugs,

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

We used to have wild morning glories that grew across the road from our house in Florida. Every year, I'd get "the thrill" when they first bloomed. They looked so amazing! I tried growing them myself, but my two black thumbs got in the way. lol

Now I have wild ones growing in my flower bed where I don't want them. They keep coming up and winding themselves around the plants and shrubs. Everytime I try to transplant them, they die. (Those black thumbs again, I guess). I hope yours do well so I can at least enjoy seeing some glories without all the hassle mine have put me through. lolol


nwalker said...

I enjoyed looking at all the beautiful things that Linda had in her booth. I didn't get there until late Saturday so I know that I didn't get to see all of the prettys before they were sold.Her husband and granddaughter were working her booth on when I came by on Sat. But I went back through on Sunday and met her when I bought my fork chandelier.I can't wait to build my conservatory.The first one I saw was at Round Top when I went there in the spring.They had them everywhere and I told my friend I have to build one of those.I am going to decorate it differently but I'm excited about getting it all done.You have done some beautiful hand work, I love all handwork and I appreciate all the hard work that goes into it.Newton is very close the Lakes Area...Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend Lake.I teach in Jasper so if you know where that is I am just about 15 minutes from there. We came through Jacksonville on our way to Canton this weekend.Have a great weekend.

Rue said...

Hi Tina :)

Your garden is coming along beautifully! I hope your morning glories bloom :)