Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Should I change the name of my blog after all?

There doesn't seem to be a lot of stitching going on in these parts lately. I wish I had some cute name for my blog but that is what I came up with when I started and that is what it will remain, for now anyway. (I wanted something about my little yellow house - but since my little yellow house is for sale, I guess there was a reason I couldn't get the ones I tried at the time) I so wish I could just pick up my little yellow house and move it to Houston. We did have a little better luck on our second trip to view houses, although none of them 'measure up' to what I'm leaving behind. :( We are still looking. I've seen a few things that I could live with, but nothing I am in love with. I wasn't standing in line when they were handing out patience. I have about a 3 day window on projects - after that I'm ready to be done - and that includes house shopping! I miss regular blogging but with no stitching and no projects going on, there just doesn't seem to be a lot to blog about. (plus, my current internet connection leaves a lot to be desired - it is better than dial-up, but it still isn't great)

In the mean time, I thought I would show you one of the 'treasures' I found when we were working on MIL's house last month.

This mirror was out in one of the storage buildings - I couldn't resist. Don't you love the shape?

After a lot of elbow grease it is now hanging in my dining room. Wish I had a better 'after' picture but this is the best I can do for now. I'm still debating if I want to paint it or not, but I will leave that decision until after we move and I see where it will end up hanging.


Brenda Pruitt said...

So glad you found the time to check in with your blogging friends. I love that mirror. So unusual!

Nola said...

Don't paint it! It is absolutely perfect the way it is!
House hunting is so stressful. After about a dozen houses, I started to get really depressed that the right one just wasn't out there. I was so tired of looking, I almost missed this one that we bought! I was tired and depressed, and I told the realtor "no", I didn't see anything from the internet photos or a drive by that called out to me. But then I thought "what's one more house, I might as well". I'm so glad I did! While the outside wasn't anything to speak of (just like every other house on the block), the inside was "US". Three steps into the foyer, I could see the dining room, living room, breakfast area, and part of the kitchen, and I knew if there wasn't anything wrong with the rest of it, this was going to be the one!
The internet photos are so one dimensional, or maybe my brain is, but they didn't really capture the character of the house.
So hang in there, the right one is out there, it's just finding it that takes time. If you have a really good agent that listens, they can sort through a lot of the ones that aren't right and steer you to the ones that are "possibles".

Rue said...

Hi Tina :)

I love the mirror the way it is!

As far as houses.... I can't believe you can't find anything. Are there any fixer uppers??


Anonymous said...

I vote to leave the mirror the way it is too! Beautiful! :) Terry in Arlington

Anonymous said...

Oh Tina ..... I know it is so hard being in the midst of all that change and nothing seems settled ...... I don't do well with unknown..... just tell me what I am dealing with and be done with it....... I wish you could take your sweet home..... you know they do move homes.... why not....

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you. Love the mirror just the way it is. Hopefully you will find a home soon.

Hugs :)


BS HONEY said...

Love the mirror. Glad you found it.


Lorilee said...

The mirror is gorgeous! Please don't paint it!

Anonymous said...

Sweet find! The shape of that mirros is so unusual!

Good luck with your house hunting. The hubby and I are in the same situation. But the good news is there's a lot of houses out there right now and if you can summon up the patience (I know, so hard, I wasn't gifted with it either) there are a lot of good deals out there to find right now.

Denise said...

Read my lips...don't paint the mirror! :) It's a sweet find!

Sherry said...

Don't paint it! What a great find! Lucky you!