Friday, March 6, 2009

Pictureless post

I hate making pictureless posts but at the moment it is the best I can do. I'm posting from the kidlet's computer (and his keyboard is sensitive!) and I have no pictures on here so it was either post w/o a picture or wait until I'm back at my own computer. Not that I have pictures of anything to show at the moment anyway. I spent most of this week in Houston with hubby (which is where my computer is) and spent hours upon hours on the internet looking at houses. Do you know that there are over 30,000 houses for sale in the Houston area? I make lists while he is at work, we do drive-bys in the evenings when most of them get eliminated, then I start over the next day. You just can't judge a neighborhood from a picture on the internet. There are hundreds of those cookie cutter neighborhoods out there. I did see a few things I really liked - but they weren't for sale. :( Hubby started suggesting ringing on doorbells and making an offer! For now, we are at home again and planning on working on flower beds if the weather co-operates this weekend. (right now it is so windy you can barely stand up!) The boys did an exceptional job of keeping the house clean while we were gone. (or they made a mad dash yesterday before we got here!)
Hope to get back to posting (and reading posts - you don't want to know how many unread posts I have in my reader) more regularly soon!
I hear weeds calling my name.
Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love to see you or not! Have a great weekend at home. Terry in Arlington

Anonymous said...

It's OK if not pics, just glad to hear your doing OK. Hope you find a home soon.

Hugs :)


LoriRay said...

You'll find the perfect home -- just hang in there!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I surely understand. It must be hard to be "in between" homes like you currently are. But fun to look at potential homes too. One of them will be the "choice" and that's exciting!

Nola said...

Yes, we all understand, the pictures can wait for now. Just good to know you are still out there. House hunting is tough and nerve wracking, especially when you don't really know the area. Hang in there!

Jennifer said...

When we were househunting last year, I found Live Search Maps ( to be pretty helpful in weeding out some neighborhoods and houses. If you know the house address, you can enter it and see a satellite view that you can zoom in on. Some addresses even have street views which is especially nice - you can look up and down the street virtually. It's not perfect, but it does save a little bit of time, and it is kind of fun.

Jan said...

Glad to see you checking in, Sweetie! Don't worry about the pics for now, just let us know how everything is going!:)