Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh Happy Day

It has been awhile since I have posted, hasn't it? I guess between not having any stitching to show, I have also been a little discouraged with the house issue lately. It has been shown, (quite a lot actually) but no offers - nothing. nada.
Also - I was completely locked out of AOL last week so if I owe you an email and you haven't heard from me you might want to resend it. Even though in theory everything should still be there, who knows if it is or not.

Anyway - I pushed all that to the back of my pea brain so I could enjoy this on Saturday

SFA is celebrating 85 years and this is the largest graduating class to date. It was crowded - as in standing room only - and it lasted a LONG time but it was worth waiting to see this

Kinda blurry - I can't ever seem to get a good picture when I use the zoom on my camera - I'm waiting on better pictures but for now, trust me - that is my baby boy there getting his diploma!

Baby boy and his bride. She still has to finish her internship and this time next year she will graduate. (they will be moving to Minneapolis in August so she can intern at The Guthrie)

All three of my boys. This mama is proud and feeling very blessed to have all three boys graduate from college. Very blessed indeed.

This group of 'kids' has spent many an hour at our house.
Amanda, Travis (these two are getting married this coming weekend) Brian, Jason, Timothy, Devin and Ashley.
All of these kids (minus my oldest two) graduated from high school together. Amanda graduated last week, of course Jason and Travis this past Saturday. Ashley and Devin will both graduate in next spring. It took Devin a year or so to decide exactly what he wanted to do so he is a little behind, but once he figured it out he has been working hard and he will graduate with a nursing degree. Ashley, as I said, will be doing her internship during the coming fall/spring semesters.
Hope you are all feeling blessed today.


Jan said...

HOw wonderful for you and your family, Tina! You should be very, very proud! (^-^)

Brenda Kula said...

I would be proud too! Three boys as college graduates! You have done your work, and are done. Happy stitching. You deserve to concentrate on yourself now.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Girl, that's a major accomplishment ~ three kids graduated! I know you are relieved to have all that behind you! Congrats to you AND to the newest SFA grad!

Michele said...

Tina! congrats on all the graduates! I know not all of them are you kid .. but I know all of them are like your own .. I can tell just reading this post. You are blessed!

and the house stuff gets finalized soon for you.

Margo said...

Don't be discouraged. The house will sell when the right person comes along. It is such a cute house.
Congrats to the grad.