Monday, August 24, 2009

Just a note

Just thought I would drop a note and let you know I'm still alive and kicking (and screaming).
August has been a LONG month and it isn't over yet.

I will get back to those of you who have left comments and/or emails - just not sure when. I've tried to visit a few blogs but I haven't had time to leave many comments - I'll get back to that soon too.

Have I mentioned it has been LONG month?

Since I hate to do a post without a pic, here is one of Autumn

I do believe there is a squirrel in that tree!


Unknown said...

Hi Tina!!
Thank you so much for your stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind supportive comment AND for the email!! You are such a sweet person!! I really appreciate your kindness and friendship! I am sorry you have been having such a hard month :( I hope things get better very soon! We miss you!!!
Love and hugs,

annemarie said...

Hi Tina - I am so glad you are back - you must let me know all about your Minnesota trip. I am getting the feeling that it was a hard trip - hope I am wrong. I know you are missing your son and his bride. Keep in touch with all of us.

Anonymous said...

nice to hear from you! As a teacher..August is a taxing and hot month..yeah. Terry in Arlington

Michelle said...

Hi Tina!

Glad to see you and Autumn.. too cute!

August is almost over :) hang in there!


Rue said...

Hi Tina :)

I hope everything is okay. Believe me, when I say that stress is my middle name lately and I understand LOL

Autumn sure is cute :)


Linda said...

Hi Tina...been missing you.

What a cute picture...reminds me of my Lily when she's trying to see squirrels too.

Take care...hugs, Linda