Friday, March 5, 2010

I have a little teapot

lamp - with no shade

I've had this little lamp for at least 5 years and it has always sat on my kitchen counter. I kept a 15wt bulb in it and left it on all the time. When we were packing everything for storage I threw the shade away. (it had been in the kitchen and even though I cleaned it regularly, it was a little worse for the wear) I thought I would just buy a new shade once we got moved. No, it didn't occur to me that I could just recover the shade - my brain wasn't working at full capacity at that particular time. So, anyway, I've been looking for a shade ever since I unpacked this lamp. I have brought home (and returned) at least a half dozen because they were either too small or two large.
Here are the latest two candidates

Both are too large (although the square one doesn't look too bad in the pic, IRL it looks too large). I am beyond caring what color the shade is (I can recover it - duh) and have even started looking at lamps with shades thinking if I found the right one, I would buy it just for the shade. Last week (or maybe earlier this week - I don't remember) I was in Home Goods and they had this same little lamp (with the shade!) They probably had a dozen scattered about the store. I almost bought one but I passed it up. Today I went back in and when I saw the square shade I picked it up thinking I could take it and try it on the lamp while I was in the store and if it didn't work, I was going to just go ahead and buy the whole lamp and be done with it. Can you believe they didn't have a single one of those lamps left! So, I brought the square shade home to try it on my poor little naked lamp. Maybe if I just leave it sitting there long enough it will grow on me?

Hope you have a great weekend. Besides painting, I have a couple of lamp shades to return!


Lorilee said...

Sometimes I think I am the queen of hindsight!! Good Luck finding the right shade!

Linda said...

Tina, your teapot lamp is darling...don't give up you will find the perfect shade...
Love the Easter pretties...what a difference glitter makes...hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

I love that little lamp; it's adorable but you are so correct; buying a lamp shade is HARD!!! I once had a lamp from a thrift store that I got for
$1. I had a devil of a time trying to find a shade. I finally just broke down and paid $15 for a new shade. So much for a bargain!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I can believe all the lamps were gone, I'd have bought one for sure! Yes, the square shade looks nice, but it's a tad too big, good luck finding and recovering one!

All things beautiful said...

Love your teapot lamp.. looks very antique-ish :-) Was it a thrift find?