Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We have sunshine today! A little windy, but not too bad unless you are trying to spray paint. :)
My internet has been out the last couple of days so I am really behind with blog reading.
Over the weekend the hubby and I got out and did a little shopping, then worked in the front flower bed.

This is what it looked like when we bought it. From a distance it doesn't look terrible, but when you get closer it was overgrown and needed to be weeded. I don't know why there was a rock border on the back side and not on the front or around the trees. Black mulch seems to be really popular here and I don't think this had been touched since it was first put in. I had now idea that stuff would get that hard! Some of it was like picking out rocks! That palm thingie was just too large - not to mention ugly. Now if you have one in your yard, don't take it personally - in the right setting there is nothing wrong with them, I just didn't like it in my front yard.

Other than weeding and sticking out a few things out just to add some color (this picture was before they made me move my conservatory) we really didn't do anything in the fall.

And here it is today.
The ugly palm thing didn't survive the winter freeze (what a shame) so it came out. Those things have some nasty thorns! When we go home to visit, we have been bringing rock back with us to line the flower beds. This is the rock that once upon a time was a patio at the old house. We saved it when we pulled it up to build a deck. Just to give you an idea of how much there was - we had already lined out flower beds on the front and down one side of the old house plus my dad has used some - and we still have a pretty good size pile to work with!

Since we don't have a truck, we would bring half a dozen or so back with us every visit and we have finally managed to get enough to line this bed and the two little beds around the two trees. I'm not sure exactly what I will end up putting where the palm was, but for now I have a pot of potato vine there. I also don't know what plants will and won't work here yet. I had been through the trial and error phase at the old house and pretty much had it figured out. I had a hard time finding anything to put out - the plant places here don't seem to have the same things I was used to getting in East Texas. I may have to do a little plant shopping next time I'm in. Now that I see the pictures I see that the shrubs I left in the front either need to be moved or trimmed. Anyway - it looks a little cleaner and fresher now. We will see how it evolves from here.


Michelle said...

I think it looks great! I'm hoping to get my fingers dirty this weekend too..

Daffycat said...

Seriously, we don't live THAT far apart and you are already gardening. So not fair, lol! We are forecast snow in Oklahoma on Saturday :o(

All things beautiful said...

What a difference the rocks did to the garden. I like it. You have such simple but great ideas. Wish I can have you as my consultant here :-)

Linda said...

Looks nice Tina. I love the rock border and the impatience are going to looks so pretty in full bloom. I'll be weeding and planting this weekend...can hardly wait to play in the dirt...hugs, Linda

Vonna said...

Your home is lovely :) Our first home was yellow with blue shutters and I loved it....memories....
And I love your new weeded, bordered and made it look wonderful!
Wanna come to my house?!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

The rock border looks great! It's a slow go creating "your" garden, especially transforming it from "someone else's" garden.