Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So long sunshine

Well, the sunshine from last week is gone. It played peek-a-boo all weekend and is now gone for the rest of the week.
The colder weather blew in this morning - and when I say blew in, I mean it BLEW IN.

At 6:55 this morning it was 70, at 7:15 it had dropped to 50, last time I checked (30 minutes ago) it was37 - I have no idea what the wind chill is other than COLD! Yes, I know it is colder up north, but we aren't up north - we are in Houston! It is supposed to keep getting colder, in the 20s overnight and there is a 60% chance of snow on Friday. When we moved here I thought we would never see snow (not that we saw a lot of it in East Texas) but we had snow last winter and here it comes again!

I still haven't pressed Silent Sampler but I will get to it today (I'm sure not going anywhere!) and hopefully post a pic tomorrow - though I will have to take it without the benefit of sunlight. I also haven't decided what I want to work on next. Maybe I'll do that today too.

I think it is a good day for a crock pot full of stew and a pan of cornbread.

Hope you are keeping warm!


annemarie said...

Isn't this weather crazy - wonder if it will get as bad as they say it will - guess time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Are you having the rolling brownouts? We are. At first, I envisioned the 3 days of no power like last year. Luckily, I have the mighty brite light that you recommended~! Terry