Monday, May 13, 2013

A late get-a-way post

So, if have been around here long, you know the girlfriends and I go to an annual retreat with
It usually happen in March - and this year was no different except that it was cooler than usual and I'm just now getting around to showing pictures. They aren't great pictures because I took them with my iPhone. And, all of these are pictures of the finished samples at the retreat - I have finished two of my pieces and will show them later.
We have a nice sized needleroll - or I could see this finished as a nice pillow

I couldn't get both the boy and the girl gingerbreads in the same shot but there is another picture where the girl shows up.

My pictures are kind of out of order and I'm too tired to move them around - this is some of the 'loot' I came home with. The clear tote with 3 Stitches on it has most of our projects in it. I love sock monkeys and the one I have here that my grandmother made for one of the boys is in terrible shape (hint, they aren't fond of the washer and dryer) Anyway - the big one came from the retreat but I paired him up with the smaller one hubby gave me for Valentine's Day.

This was a little pin cushion- we got all the stuff in a little box then we could either finish them there or take them home. I really didn't know what I was going to do with mine so it came home unfinished.

Cute potholder

Felted wool pincushion with a couple of pins in it (and I bought some extras)

Here is a better picture of the ginger girl - she left off the border on this one and made it into a shaped stand up - looks good both ways!

And a stocking - cute!

Last but not least I came home with both the small framed stitching lady and the pillow (door prizes/gift exchange) I sat them on the bench with the one I had stitched years ago but there is such a reflection in the glass I don't know if you can really see it.
I'll be back with my two finished projects in a few days.
Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.


annemarie said...

Wow what fun - I love sock monkeys also and have made so many of them - there is nothing better than a sock monkey - not even Raggedy Ann and Andy. Love both of them. Hope you had a nice Mother's Day.

Mouse said...

glad you had a fab time ... cute sock monkeys and love your stitching too and that lady at the end I have that chart in my to do pile :) love mouse xxxxx

Embroidery Digitizing said...

That’s a gorgeous stitch! Enjoy stay!