Thursday, January 16, 2014

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Seems like I have been waiting forever to share this with you!
I bought this metal barn square at the Houston Quilt Festival way back in November but we couldn't hang it until we had approval from the HOA. Of course I didn't get my application in early enough for the November meeting but was told it would go to the December meeting - the meeting they did not have.

We finally got an approval letter from the HOA last week and hubby put it up for me over the weekend! It is right below my sewing room window.

It is 36"x36" and would have cost at least $50 to have it shipped if we had waited to get approval first so we took a chance - I would have found somewhere else to put it if I was denied (but not until after I put up a good fight!) Anyway, now I see it every time I leave the house and every time I come home. Almost makes up for my garden house and dinner plates being deemed not suitable. (I still have the secret mushroom society)

This link should take you to the company I bought it from. Very nice people to work with.


Robin said...

Glad it was approved, Tina! It looks great hanging under your sewing room window! Thanks for including the link!

Robin in Virginia

Terry said...

That is cute! It reminds me of all the barns up in the north that have quilt designs painted on the barns. You are so funny with the secret mushrooms!