Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy Friday

I hope you all had a fun holiday weekend! Brian brought 4 friends for the weekend so we had a full house.

 There was a lot of this going on. I'm too old I guess. I know they are playing some kind of game, but I know nothing about it!
We went to Kingwood to watch fireworks. The weather was perfect - not too hot and the skeeters weren't trying to carry us away.

 This I know something about - when my aunt came to visit in the spring she brought me a few things. These doilies were made by my great-grandmother. I think they were probably meant for a coffee table and two end tables. (this first picture shows the color really well on my computer - your mileage may vary)

I've got them on the table in my dining room.
I'm so happy to have them!
 As you can see, I took the picture a while ago - I still had my Easter stuff out. 
Right now I have my stacked chickens there and I'm not sure they 'go together' the doilies are a little 'formal' than my chickens (I haven't taken a picture yet) To be honest - nothing in my house is formal so maybe I'll just let them blend in. I do have a watermelon bowl that would look pretty good there, just have to figure out what to do with my stack 'o chickens if I put the watermelon there. If I change it, do I post another photo? Something to think about over the weekend. :)

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Terry said...

Well, the crew obviously had fun! The doilies are so special, and even pink! Treasures.