Monday, July 6, 2015


From hot, humid Houston.

We did all the Celebrating on Saturday. Had an awesome service at church, then went to watch a fireworks display.

Yesterday we tackled the garage - well somewhat, we still have hubby's mother's storage building to clean out and there is a lot of stuff in there. Hopefully the only thing coming home with us will be the juke box and we will have to do a little re-arranging for that to fit in the garage - no, it is not coming inside! Yes, it would be neat to have in the game room but a.) the game room is full and b.) the game room is upstairs. Nope, not happening. Anyway, back to cleaning out the garage. We went through a lot of boxes we hadn't looked in since we moved and some of them must have come from MIL and we never went through them before we moved either because we made all kind of finds. Some were kind of interesting like this doll we found, still in the box. I need to try to get the rest of the sticker residue off the box. This item did make it to the game room. Just thought I would share.


Robin in Virginia said...

When you are finished cleaning your garage, would you come clean out my basement, Tina? What an interesting doll you found! Stay cool and keep hydrated!

Robin in Virginia

Rue said...

I need you to come clean out my storage too ;)

Thank you so much for the sweet card, Tina! I was so happy to get it and it was so nice of you :)


Terry said...

How adorable! That monogram on the shirt is precious!