Friday, July 31, 2015

Overdue thank-yous

I haven't made the time to sit down and post a thank-you for a couple of birthday gifts.
My sweet friend, Terry, sent me this little salt and pepper shaker set
Aren't they cute?
I thought they could keep my one birdie company from the set I already had. Sadly, his mate got broken. I'm happy he has a new friend! And I'm really grateful to have Terry as a friend!
My friend, Sarah, gave me this oversize pin cushion. It is 8 inches square and the numbers are big enough even I can see them! Should come in real handy next to Bertha. (my sewing machine)

I've been trying to wear contacts - I only started wearing glasses full-time a couple of years ago, but I've had bifocals for a long time. I could get by fine to read but needed them to stitch. When it got to the point I had to have them to see to cook I gave in and just started wearing them all the time. I never thought I could get contacts in and never tried them. For some unknown reason, last week I decided I was going to get contacts instead of glasses this year. Well, I've mastered the art of getting them in and out but we can't find the right combo to make them work for me. If my near vision is clear, everything else is fuzzy - don't try driving like that. If my far vision is clear, I need readers to read, in which case I might as well not be wearing them at all.The doctor said there was one more type we could try but she was out of them so I'll try those next week when they come in, If that doesn't work I will just have to get new glasses. I was looking forward to wearing cute sunglasses again. :( 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. My plan is to stay indoors as much as possible - it's a bit warm for my taste. (100+ the last 3 days)


Terry said...

I hope the contacts work out! How weird that your other bird is so similar! Love the quilt under your things. Terry

Robin in Virginia said...

What a sweet bird (and how cool that it looks similar to the one you already own) Terry gifted you with. Nice new pincushion as well! Good luck with the contacts! Enjoy your weekend, Tina!

Robin in Virginia

Rue said...

Awwww.... how sweet of your friends and Happy Birthday!

I have the pair of birdies. Didn't we all get them years ago? :)

I hope your contacts work for you and I hope it cools down as well, for me and you.