Friday, December 18, 2015

More Christmas around the house

I'm running out of time if I'm going to get all the trees posted!

This little tree is in the other guest room on a bookcase that is between the twin beds. It stays up all year and I change the ornaments for the seasons (unless it is a season I don't have ornaments for yet - then it is just bare)

Bed on the right

Bed on the left

Fireman tree is at the top of the stairs, going into the game room. (it's really more of the hubby's man cave - he watches football up here when I want to watch something else)

A few of the Santa firemen - there are others perched here and there around the game room

Looking back from the game room the open door you see is the twin bed room, toward the right are my sewing room (which we won't be photographing anytime soon) and the guest room I showed you in the last post. The guest bath and stairs are to the left of the open door.

That's it for the upstairs. I will try to get the downstairs pictures posted over the weekend before the kids start arriving. Baby boy and his bride will be here Monday and the other two will join us on Tuesday. I'm so excited - it has been a long time (6 years) since we were all together for Christmas!


Carolyn said...

It's all just beautiful, Tina! You certainly have a wonderful knack for decorating. Come do my house! I'm so excited for you that everybody will be together this year. I know you are beyond excited! Promise me that we will do it this year? Promise?? Like in January at Cracker Barrel? Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family! xoxo

Robin in Virginia said...

I want to come stay in your guest room. You have a knack for decorating as Carolyn said. Enjoy the time with your kids. Merry Christmas!