Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ya gotta be quick

if you want before pictures when Timothy is doing a project.

I was not quick enough to get a before picture of my pantry but just picture a dark hole behind the pantry door. I put up some battery operated lights a few years ago - they gave out decent light but they kept getting left on and the batteries would run out. Each one took 6 batteries and I had two of them so that turned out to not be a good solution, but Timothy came to my rescue at Thanksgiving.

He added lighting to my pantry! I can't show you a picture with the light off because the 'switch' is the  door. Open the door and the lights come on, close the door and they go off! Is that kid not a handy fella to have around? Bonus that the pantry door doesn't get left partially open anymore!

I'm still fluffing. Best get back to it. 

ps - I answered the question about the ornament from the last post in the comment section of that post.


Terry said...

That is a great improvement! Now I need to go clean my pantry!

Robin in Virginia said...

Very cool about your new pantry light, Tina! Hope you got some fluffing finished today.