Monday, March 28, 2016

2016 Get-away

Last weekend (18-20) was the annual 3 Stitches get-away. As usual we had a blast. The girlfriends and I have been trying to figure out how many times we have been - I think we settled on either 11 or 12. I need to gather all of my project bags and see if I can figure it out for sure.

 These are the projects we had for the weekend. These are NOT my projects but the finished samples we had to look at while we were stitching. The one in the middle closes up to look like a slice of cake. Too cute. That is the piece I'm stitching on at the moment. I tend to not get a lot of stitching done at the retreat. 

As we left for dinner
Saturday night there was a herd of deer grazing in the field across from our cabin - they were still there when we returned so I snapped a few pics. I know they are hard to see but I was using my phone and didn't want to get closer for fear of scaring them away. There had to be well over a dozen. 

 This is my haul from the weekend. We always have a gift exchange which is where some of the stuff came from. The colorful cake plates, the cute little shoe (destined to become a pin cushion) and the flower arrangement were some of the door prizes I came home with and the threads are the colors we stitched with over the weekend. I also scored a gift certificate to 3 Stitches which I plan to use this coming weekend during the stores anniversary celebration!

I tried to be good at the Saturday night shopping frenzy but I did come home with a new magnet for my collection - the crown in the center (didn't have it in pink to match the one on my ankle so I went for the clear over the red. blue or green) I bought the tiny scissors on the right and the other pair was with our projects. I'm about to run out of room on my magnet board - I need to start looking for another one. (I have some plain jane ones I use for patterns while I'm stitching and of course I use my magnets on those too, but I'm getting quite the collection. They are just so pretty!)

I'm already signed up for next year. Can't say thank you enough to Pam @ 3 Stitches for all the time and effort she puts into making this such a special weekend!

After all the playing my house is screaming for some attention so I better get busy!


Robin in Virginia said...

Wow, it sounds like a glorious weekend getaway that you had. Good for you in getting signed up for the next one. I do that as well. Tina, you came away with a great haul. What cool projects for the weekend!

Terry said...

I think it is so cool that y'all go to this each year! Great items!