Friday, March 11, 2016

Mr cutie pie is back

He went missing about three years ago when I couldn't find him after Christmas. (I keep him out all year except for at Christmas) I've looked high and low. Gone through all the Christmas boxes every year. Looked through my stack of framed, but not hung, pictures. Looked in the bottom of the hutch (which is where I thought it was) several times. This week I was cleaning out some stuff in that cabinet and actually stuck my head in there too look instead of just peeking and feeling around and dang if I didn't find Mr. Cutie right where I thought he should have been all along! The way he was standing in there I couldn't see him until I stuck my head in to make sure I wasn't missing something.Yes, I should clean out more often!  I'm glad to have him back - one of my favorite pieces!

Hope you have a awesome weekend!


Robin in Virginia said...

Tina, glad you found your piece! I really like his patchwork look. Enjoy your weekend!

Terry said...

So glad you found him! Mine stays out from Octiber through Christmas. I have the heart, but not that other button/ charm.

Rue said...

I hate it when I put something away and can't find it. I'm glad you found your cutie pie again :)

hugs to you,