Monday, May 16, 2016


 I am going to put the blog on pause for a bit. Things have been really busy around here.

 This was the house a week ago

 This is the house Thursday afternoon.

While painting was going on outside, this is what has been going on inside

I don't have pictures of the many, many boxes that have already been packed. As soon as we get a car load we have been taking them to storage - I know we have made at least 4 trips, maybe 5 and I'm working on another this morning just took a 'pause' to throw up this post then I'm back at it. The inside of my house is looking pretty sad. :(

We found out (after getting HOA approval and hiring painters) a couple of weeks ago that we are being relocated. Hopefully the new paint job will pay for it's self - the realtor wasn't thrilled with the yellow but we would have had to go back through the HOA process again to change it and the painters were already scheduled. I love the yellow - I think it's a happy color. While I'm not thrilled with the packing and moving and leaving this house behind after spending the last 7 years getting it to finally feel like home, I am extremely grateful that hubby still has a job. Not looking forward to house hunting but it beats job hunting. We are moving back closer to friends family so that is good - except for kidlet #1 who just moved to Houston in January, so we are just kind of flip flopping there. 

We should have the house listed in the next week to 10 days - moving furniture on Saturday when we have help from kidlet #1, we've helped him move multiple times so it's payback time. it needs to stop raining so we can work on the flower beds a bit but it is supposed to rain all week. Yuck.

Don't know how long the break will last, hopefully not long, but I will see you on the other side!


Terry said...

You know that I am pulling for ou. Your home is gorgeous!

carol fun said...

Good luck with the move... I LOVE the new color of the house...happy happy happy!

Michele Inman said...

FWIW, I **love** the yellow. Good luck with selling your house and finding another one.

Robin in Virginia said...

Tina, I love the new paint job. What a great shade of yellow! Thinking of you as you continue to pack, prep for moving, and house hunt.