Monday, October 3, 2016

Daily life

While this has been going on

My sister brought me this - I commented that I had broken mine while packing for the move and a couple of days later she showed up with it. :)

and my aunt sent me this - just the lampshade (isn't it awesome?!) that isn't the lamp I am going to use it on, just one that was handy to take the picture 

and I've done a little, and I do mean little, bit of this. Sorry about the weird angle - trying to get a pic without too much of a shadow.

We have about two more carloads of stuff in storage - at least I hope we can get it in two cars so we only have to make one more trip - then we will have everything here. Not sure where I'm going to put it all, but it will be here. It's easier moving into a larger house than it is going backwards! Yes, there will be a garage sale coming around soon.

Hope all is well with everyone out there in blogland (and everywhere else as well!)


Terry said...

Love that stitched design!

Robin in Virginia said...

Love your current stitching project! Is it a Sam Sarah design? What a darling lampshade!