Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas 2106

Thought I would show you our trees for this year. They are basically the same as years past but in a different location.

 First there is my little sweet tree. I have it on the bar in the kitchen this year.

 Also in the kitchen this year is one of the 'twin' trees that used to be in my dining room (no dining room here)

  The other 'twin' is hanging out next to the fireplace in the family room.

The fireman tree is also in a corner of the family room. (it's a big room)

 The little feather tree is on the desk in the back/side entry.

The little wire tree is again in the master bedroom.

and then there is the big tree. We have the family room kind of divided and we are using part of it as a dining room. We turned the table in the other direction and put the big tree behind the sofa. I can't get a shot of the whole tree without moving furniture so I'm showing the top

and the bottom. :)
I have a few new ornaments on the tree this year. I will try to show those later along with pictures of the outside of the house. 
We get to have all the 'kids' for Christmas again this year. Love it when they are all in the house together!


Robin in Virginia said...

Tina, your trees look fabulous. I really like your little feather tree. Do you remember where you picked it up?

Terry said...

I wish I could sit and just stare at your trees.