Monday, December 19, 2016

On the front porch

Santa greets you as you come to the front door - the wreath lights up at night

There is a cart full of ornaments beside the door

moving across to the middle of the porch - this little tree has colored lights on it at night - these are the only colored lights I have - everything else has white lights. (I would have left these all white too but hubby set it up)

This tall, skinny tree also lights up at night

Another Santa greets you on the side porch

The wreath I have on the side door (I think I showed both wreaths a few posts back when I made them - the red and white one is on the front door. I failed to take a photo of it when I was taking these)

Another cart of ornaments by the side door. The plant in the corner, along with all the other potted plants on the porch, have been moved to the garage due to freezing temps the last few days. 

I was really not feeling the whole Christmas thing and didn't really want to get everything out and decorate but hubby and the kidlet pulled everything out over Thanksgiving so I played along and we got it all done. It really does look pretty at night.

We picked up baby boy and his bride Saturday night (I think technically it was Sunday morning) after their flight was delayed by three hours. We had already left the house before the delay was called so we took the middle kidlet to dinner and hung out with him until time to head to the airport. They landed just after midnight and we made it home right at 3:00am. We are enjoying them here for a few days, then we will have to share them for a few days but they will be back for Christmas and the other two will be here by then. Love it when they can all be here together - it doesn't happen often so we try to soak it all in while they are here. It always seems to pass by so quickly!

Hope you are having a great week!


Robin in Virginia said...

Tina, your porch looks fabulous. Where did you find the little carts? That white tree looks interesting. I bet your porch looks positively festive at night. Stay warm!

Terry said...

Very neat. Like a home tour!