Thursday, July 19, 2018

Toasting in Texas

It's just freakin HOT in Texas right now. I guess it's the price we pay for not shoveling snow all winter.  You would think with trying to stay inside as much as possible I would at least find time to sit down and either stitch or post here. Nope. I had planned to post on Tuesday to say happy birthday to my dad but before I could get to it the power went off so I loaded Nicholas up and we took daddy his birthday pie (pecan - thank goodness I made it Monday night) and spent the day there. (I saw the power truck as I was driving out of the neighborhood and they said it wouldn't be back on until 2:00!)

I stitched this little Lizzie Kate some time ago. I've got seven (I think) of this monthly series stitched and I have the charts to finish the series - eventually.

I did manage to get these little patriotic pieces stitched this year but I didn't get them 'finished' until after the 4th - they are still sitting out in their little basket.

I've done a bit more stashing than stitching lately. This is part of what I've collected since March. I've been to three shops in that time (Spring TX, Arlington TX and Pigeon Forge TN), a little mail order shopping and been gifted some stash. There are a few things that have been completely kitted and are not pictured here. I still need some flosses and/or fabrics to finish kitting up some of this but I'll wait a bit before getting to that.

I have stitched a little. I have the whole set of these little Lizzie Kate monthly charts but this is the first one I've started. I'll get the stitching done before the end of the month but actually getting it 'finished' is questionable.

I have a 'stitching with friends' weekend coming up - need to decide what to take to stitch on - maybe one of the monthly charts since they are pretty easy. 

Okay - that's it for me at the moment. I have to get out in this awful heat today and I'm not looking forward to that. 

I hope you are all staying cool wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

The pin keep with the red white and blue flower with the stars, who is
The designer?
Your stitching is lovely
Thank you

Robin in Virginia said...

Love your patriotic stitches, Tina! Who is the designer for the one that says Land that I Love? It looks like you have some good looking stash that you have acquired since March. Stay cool!

Terry said...

Love it all! Wish we lived closer!

Daffycat said...

Beautiful stitching and nice finishing too! This summer is terrible so far, I'd like a refund.

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TinaTx said...

Darlene - sorry to take so long to respond. Email issue. That chart is from 4 My Boys.