Tuesday, August 7, 2018

This 'n That

My memory just ain't what it used to be. I don't think I've shown you my adventure in dying fabric. Hubby had to leave really early one morning so he didn't drink any coffee and as I got ready to pour out what was left in the pot I thought about some white fabric I had in my stash. Been there a LONG time - like over 15 years. I don't stitch on white fabric so I went to drag it out of the stash box. 

I pulled out a blue piece and a peach colored piece too - I doubt I would ever stitch on those pieces either. I didn't have enough coffee for all the fabric so I boiled some tea bags and mixed it in with the coffee.

Then I dunked it all in - and walked off and left it (I turned the stove off first!) I don't know how long I left it - a couple of hours maybe. Then I put it all in some warm water with some fabric wash and let it soak there for awhile. Took it out of the soapy water and rinsed well before laying it out to dry.

And this is what I ended up with. Much better!  Now I have some fabric I will actually use! I've used one piece, but it's a gift so I can't show it. 

I finished this little monthly piece but I guess I failed to take a finish photo. I need to get it mounted so I can display it. I've already started the September one. I have all of the monthly patterns and already have a frame - just need to stitch faster!

Went on a little girls weekend a couple of weeks ago. We rented a house in the country and spent the weekend stitching - we might have done more eating, talking and laughing than actual stitching! It was so much fun we are already trying to plan another one! 

Stitched up this little Christmas piece over the weekend. (I seem to be on a Lizzie Kate kick at the moment) I stitched with one strand over two and I like all of it except that little heart on the left (over the v) It doesn't show up well. I plan to stitch this again for a gift but I'm trying to decide what to do with that little heart - stitch with 2 strands, change it to pink/red or use a little charm? 

It's still hotter than hot here in Texas. We really need some rain, everything is so dry. 


Robin in Virginia said...

Very Merry looks good. I would use one of the flower colors for the heart. Look forward to seeing the finished August. Your coffee/tea dyeing adventure turned out some wonderful looking fabrics. Stay cool and keep hydrated, Tina!

Terry said...

Very good dying! All so cute!

Daffycat said...

Your fabrics turned out perfect! Tea and coffee dyed fabric is my favorite to stitch on!

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