Monday, November 4, 2019

Wedding Weekend

What a fun weekend!
Brian and Brittany planned their wedding the way they wanted it and it was very much them. So much fun!
I only have the photos I took with my phone (around the photographer) and some I might have lifted from Facebook posts of other guests. The preview pics from the photographer should be ready soon but here are a few from before the wedding and from the reception. (Brittany requested no phones out during the ceremony so we have to wait for the photographers pics)

Brittany wanted the pictures taken outside so they were taken in their back yard. This was before they went out to take photos - before Brian saw her dress for the first time.


My boys. All grown up.

Well, mostly! LOL

Brittany made her bouquet as well as all the flowers.



I wish I could have loaded the video of Brian dancing - so out of the norm for him!

As you can see, this was not a 'traditional' wedding. They walked down the aisle and back to music from Star Wars - and it was perfect!

I've never seen Brian look so happy and that makes my heart happy. 

Welcome to the family Brittany!

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Robin in Virginia said...

Best wishes and many happy years to come to Brian and Brittney! Super pictures!