Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend stitching

I sewed up this little pillow over the weekend. This is one I got at the Houston Quilt Festival. I've had it stitched for a couple of weeks but didn't have the right fabric for the backing. (the fabric it is on is the backing fabric) I thought about getting creative and making a ruffle but decided maybe I better spend a little more time making nice with the beast before I attempt something like that. I like it just fine like it is, so it's all good.
Theresa in Arlington - yes, I used a styrofoam heart form. I just tore strips of fabric (I think I did them 1.5") glued one end on and wrapped until I ran out, then started over until I had the whole thing covered. I used another strip to make the bow/hanger.
Tamy - ummm, I think I will pass on the trade. That little dab of snow was good enough for me! I don't think I would function well where there is too much winter. It is 43* here right now and my hands are like ice! Nope, I'm not a snow bunny! LOL


Michelle said...

You've been a busy girl! I love all your projects.. especially the heart!


Kathy said...

Love your little pillow. Nice work. You always have such cute projects.

Linda said...

Cute pillow and I love the heart you made for your front door. Linda

Anonymous said...

Thanks friend! I will be making one of these for Valentine's Day!

Arlington, TX

Anonymous said...

When I said "I will be making one of these", I was referring to the heart! Thought I'd better clarify that for others reading the comments. Didn't want to confuse anyone. Sorry.

Arlington, TX

Simone said...

You made so beautiful things. I like the heart pillow and the angel, it's so nice.
Greetings from Germany