Friday, April 4, 2008


We (as in our town) are being invaded by 4-wheelers. There are thousands of them all over town. I didn't take my camera with me when I went to town earlier and I don't want to swipe anyones photos w/o asking so I'm hoping this link will work. Mudders
I personally do not see the attraction to seeing how muddy you can get. They are getting their money's worth this weekend with all the rain we have had. Good for businesses in town I suppose.

Since I can't do a post without a picture, here is the ornament I got in an exchange last week. Isn't it cute? I'm not putting these away as I get them (this is the second one) but I'm leaving them out in my little office where I can enjoy them. I'll put them away after they have had they have had their time on the tree.

Have a great weekend!


Michele B. said...

Hi Tina,

Thanks for visiting my blog! I do love my new header - it was like a RAK to get it. The ornament you received is lovely and I'm glad you are leaving it out to enjoy.


Michelle said...

Hope you have a happy weekend Tina! What a sweet ornament.


annemarie said...

Oh, how I love that ornament - would love to make these for Christmas gifts. I must watch for that pattern. Have a good weekend.

Linda said...

Hi Tina, sweet ornament. How neat to have stitching buddies. Your weekend sounds like great fun and loved seeing your stitching buddies. Linda