Thursday, April 3, 2008

Will I ever catch up?

Why does it take so long to catch up on things when you are gone for the weekend? Since I was gone two weekends in a row, I'm really behind! Totally worth it but I hate being behind!

Here is a picture of our hostess for the weekend, Pam from 3 Stitches. She spent a lot of time walking around with a bag full of names to draw for door prizes. Last person to win draws the next name. Always a lot of fun.

And here are my stitching buddies. (L-R) Sarah, Sandra and Sherry. Sarah, Sandra and I have been stitching once a week for several years now. Last night we tried to figure out exactly how long it has been and I 'think' we are in our 4th year. Times flies when you are having fun. We have not missed very many weeks - we might have to swap nights around, but we try really hard to not miss a week. We take turns cooking/bringing dinner and after we eat we stitch until 9:00 or 10:00. Sometimes we sit and chat at the dinner table longer than others but that is okay too. Sherry lives too far away to make it to stitch night - she would either have to drive home in the dark or spend the night and it just hasn't worked out that way yet. We are determined to get her here soon though.
This is the same group I went with to the quilt festival in November - we already have reservations for this year and we left our deposits for next years retreat before we came home on Sunday. We also have a weekend stitching get-away planned for June. Good friends and stitching, does it get any better that that?
I've not had time to stitch much since the weekend and I failed to put my class project in my bag last night so I'm still not finished with the stitching on the needlebook, but when I get there I will post a picture.
So much to do, so little time.


Kay said...

oh how lucky to have someone to stitch with. I am in the middle of nowhere it seems and have no sitching buddies so I lack motivotion most of the time!

Esther Sunday said...

This looks like it was really fun, Tina. I have 3 GF that are crafters as well. During the winter months, we rotate houses once a month for "craft day". We bring stuff we are working on and just craft for the day. The hostess provides lunch. It is so fun! I wear my jammies....:)

annemarie said...

You must fill me in on this stitch retreat. When I saw your picture, I recognized Pam from 3 Stitches. I live within a couple of miles of her shop. I love to treat myself with a visit to 3 stitches. I have never heard of this stitch retreat, though, and am curious. Is it at her shop?? Looks like you had a great weekend.

Kathy said...

As we have discussed before, stitching retreats, weekends and nights with friends are the best. Our little sleep over is 8 days away. Everyone can hardly wait. I have a game of Stitcher's Bingo ready to go.

TinaTx said...

The retreat is sponsered by 3 Stitches but the actual weekend is in Nacogocoches. I happend to be in the shop one day and saw a brochure and when I saw it was in Nac (only an hour from me) I brought it home and showed it to the buddies. As you can see, they were game!
I would be happy to talk to you about it if you like. I couldn't find an email addy for you, but if you want to email me, mine is in my profile.
Thanks for stopping by.