Monday, April 21, 2008

Stitch, frog, repeat

That seems to have been the theme for the weekend. I had to frog three times (twice because of knots and once because I left out a row) over the course of two days - and considering I didn't spend a lot of time stitching that meant not much progress. I would have liked to get at least another thread length on the top border but I have put it away to work on a couple of other things that need to be done and I'll pick it back up when I finish those things. (exchange and gift so no details yet!)

Thanks for all the comments/emails. It makes be feel like I'm not talking to myself here! I like to respond when I can, but sometimes I can't find an email address - and sometimes not even a blog to respond on. If I haven't responded to you, please know that I do appreciate the comments! Keep 'em coming!

That 'cute pup' from a previous post is a busy little fellow. Last time we kept him (he belongs to baby boy and dil) he chewed on my dining room chair. Yesterday I caught him snacking on a potted plant.

From the looks of it I would say he has been snacking since he got here a week ago. I only took pics of these two leaves. Some of them only have a little stub left. Good thing he is cute. He is spending the summer here. Good thing he is cute. Yes, I know I already said that - it bears repeating!

bshoney - yes, I knew the folk lore behind the bottle tree. Hubby says we have caught a spirit when the dogs are barking at nothing. We must have a lot of them already! I have been saving that post for several years with the intention of making a bottle tree out of it. At least you are saving your bottles first. The bottles are harder to come by than the post! LOL


Kathy said...

You are so funny. I did a bit of frogging this weekend too. Mine was on over 1 stuff. That is a real pain. Good thing I have something else to stitch on or I would really get frustrated.

I have to say you are the best at responding to peopl's comments. That is very nice. Not many people do that. I am not very good at that sometimes. Sometimes theirs is not set up that you can just do a reply to the comment and then they don't have an e-mail on their blog, so then I give up.

Have a good week!!!!!

Vickie said...

Hi, Tina - Cute puppy! Cute chewed up leaves, too. I do like your bottle tree. I've seen them - there is folklore about them? I didn't know that...

Good to hear from you - yes we enjoyed our weekend and I know you did, too. Doesn't it just make you feel better when it turns spring? I love to just sit in the sun and soak up the warm stuff! Take care - Vickie

Lapplisor said...

You stopped marvelous things since my last attendance with you.
Your work here, came well in front.
My girl friend made of England, again visits coming week Jane Greenoff.
I have also the stick Bible, as well as still some other books of it. Jane is grandios.
Your other bought samples please me also everything very well!
Take care

annemarie said...

I have to laugh at myself - took me a minute or more to figure out what frogging meant - guess I never heard that term but I do plenty of ripping!

Michelle said...

Sorry the stitching has been little.. I hope to stitch some tonight.

What a sweet house guest but your poor house plant!

Hope the frong leaves you alone.


Sonda said...

Love your bottle tree! You know, I think it's those Bent Creek patterns that attract the frog. I stitched the Snapperville series and it takes more than both hands to count the number of mistakes I made (some left in and some frogged out). It was crazy!

Anonymous said...

Frogs and spring time go together.... looks so pretty.
That little pup is so cute.... sounds like he is a hand full