Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shhh . . . don't tell

So - the other day when we were out driving around, we ended up pretty close to 3 stitches so of course we had to drop by. :)
I picked up a couple of charts - and what's that? A pair of scissors?

But not just any scissors - not only are they Dovos, but they are special Dovos!

Green handles and can you see the engraving on the blades? The 3 Stitches logo! I've actually resisted them the last couple of times I was in the shop, but I needed a little pick-me-up so I gave in this time.
Now, I have a question. As we all know, several magazines have folded of late so I have picked up a few new ones. Without naming names - it has always irritated me somewhat to start getting renewal notices when I'm only half-way through the subscription term but the latest one really got me. The FIRST ISSUE came with a renewal notice. I'm sorry, but no matter how much I like the magazine, I won't renew it. Does this bother anyone else? This falls right in line with the fourth, fifth - final notice of a subscription that has expired. I might have over looked it the first or second time, but by the third time, they ought to get the message that a person doesn't intend to renew! Sorry about the rant - just had to get that one off my chest.
Back to our regular schedule!


Brenda Pruitt said...

I love the scissors you gave me! Every time I see little scissors now I think of you. About the magazines, yeah, it does bother me. But I'm a magazine addict. Certifiable if I don't have a magazine to look at come nighttime after my shower.

Unknown said...

Good for you, Tina, giving in this time and buying the pair of scissors, you certainly deserve them, having resisted all this time. Tee hee Enjoy!!! Love the other "stash" you picked up, especially the summer retreats~those are just gorgeous, arn't they?

Happy stitching!

Jan said...

Love your new scissors, Tina! What a great pick-me-up trip!!

Sherry said...

Love your scissors! I am thinking of starting to collect them! Yes, those constant notices do bother me! Tell me or twice but not every single month!

Michele said...

everyone deserves a pick me up from time to time .. especially when they are beautiful scissors like those! drooling here :)

Nola said...

Well, you gotta have a few treats now and then! I love the saying about housework; I kinda think housework is a waste of good gardening time!

Rue said...

You deserve that treat! Sometimes we need something to make us smile :)


Vickie said...

Glad you treated yourself, Tina!

The magazine thing bugs me, too. I get so much junk and when I get a renewal, I first think, "Oh my, I better hurry and renew - it must be almost through". I've renewed too early before and am trying to be cautious about that.

I usually stop a magazine after a year or two. They start sending renewal notices for CHEAP just to get you back, and that's when I decide to renew or not.

Glad to see you're working on some stitching - you are so good at it!