Thursday, April 30, 2009


Here are a few pictures I took of my flowerbeds last weekend. These were all new beds last year so I am still waiting to see what comes back this year.

This is the 'blue butterfly' plant. I planted two of these and they are both coming back.

Potato vine - not supposed to come back, but I haven't planted any this year and I found this last weekend.

The lantana is coming back

on both sides of the porch. I am so glad to see these coming back. I have tried them once before in another flowerbed and they didn't make the summer - I'm glad I gave them another chance!

The hydrangea is coming back nicely too

There were nine of these last weekend! Now to see what color they bloom this year.

That is it for the flower pictures for now (although I guess they are just plant pictures at this point since there aren't any blooms yet!).
Things are drying out around here. No rain at all yesterday. They are keeping the CYA (cover your a**) 20% chance in the rain for the rest of the week but hopefully there won't be anymore before the ground has a chance to dry out a bit.
Have a great day!


Nola said...

That's why I love lantana, it can't be killed, always blooms! Better snip off some clippings and get some rooted for the new house!

All things beautiful said...

Isn't spring lovely? It shouts of new life and hope. And it's always such a nice surprise to see what pops out in the garden :-)

Brenda Pruitt said...

I think I planted over my lantana from last year. I just today bought some potato vine. My, they've gotten expensive.

Rue said...

CYA.... hehehehehe.... at least you've kept your humor ;)

My plants are slowly coming in too, but mine are all a surprise, so it's kinda neat to see what I have to work with. I hope you don't get anymore rain for a while.