Saturday, October 24, 2009

22 days

That is how long it took for me to 'break the rules' - although technically I suppose I broke them on day one when the movers unloaded this 'large frame and glass structure' (and that is a quote) without prior approval, I just didn't get the letter until today.

Yes, she needs spiffed up a bit - I've been trying to get to that but somehow I thought getting my underwear unpacked might need to take priority. I guess tomorrow I will try to get the glass more secure (most of the glazing has fallen out due to age so the panes are loose) so I can move her out of sight - although from the street you can barely even see the top because of the huge ugly palm thing that is in the flower bed right in front of her. (which I suppose I have to have approval to remove)
It took a long time to find a house I halfway liked - I hope I haven't made a huge mistake. I mean, if they don't like my little porch house, they aren't going to like me, are they?


Anonymous said...

I had to read this 3 times to figure it out. Do you mean that your neighborhood has rules about what you can set on your porch? I love that conservatory. Terry in Arlington

Linda said...

Hi Tina....I'm so happy to see you are settling into your new looks very nice and now the fun of turning it into your special place begins. I've always loved your conservatory....are there rules as to what you can put on the porch?
The guest rooms looked most inviting....for the girls visit and the quilt show must have been fun. Great stash...I'm stitching Kindred Spirits (I love PN) and I just bought the Tudor Rose scissors too...aren't they pretty. I don't know if you know it, but when I saw all your wonderful scissors and fobs that was it...I started collecting is too fun. Take care, hugs, Linda

Nola said...

Welcome to my world! It sure makes it hard to be friendly when you live around people "that" picky! I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Donna said...

Your new house looks very nice, but it sounds like you live in one of those communities that TOTALLY regulates what you can and cannot do in your own yard. We have alot of those new neighborhoods in the metro-Detroit area. Good luck! Donna from MI