Thursday, October 15, 2009

Company is a comin'

I'm still unpacking - but the girlfriends are coming this afternoon so I made sure they had beds with (clean!) sheets for sleeping.

As you can see, the walls are still builder beige - and they will probably be that way until at least spring. I still haven't opened the first box of pictures/wall art so there isn't a thing hanging on the walls. (I've also carefully cropped photos to not show unpacked boxes stacked around!) I'll get there - slowly but surely)
I still have a lot to do before they get here this afternoon, but then I am taking a break to visit this evening and go to the quilt festival tomorrow. I'll get back to work after they leave on Saturday.
Thanks for the unpacking tips. I know I owe some emails - I won't forget, just can't say how long it will take to get there.
I did take the time to stop by Rue's to see her finished kitchen. If you haven't been by, be sure to take a look! Sure makes me want to break out the paint - but I must wait.
Have a great weekend!


staci said...

Those beds look so inviting! Have a good time!

LoneStar said...

Your bedrooms look very peaceful and welcoming - love the quilts!

I'll be at the Houston Quilt show on Saturday with a couple of friends who quilt (I don't, but I love to look at them).

If you see a short gal with short blonde hair and eyeglasses, wearing a purple polo shirt and shorts, that't me!

Lisa (Texan)

Anonymous said...

and too! Jeans, blue shirt, tennis shoes and red backpack! Terry in Arlington(only on Friday...3 stitches on Saturday)

Nola @ the Alamo said...

It's starting to look homey! You can paint after Christmas when there's a lull in activity and before it's warm enough to work in the yard!
I love it that you admitted cropping out the packing boxes. Isn't that the point of having photo software? I take out the undesireable whenever possible!

Rue said...

Yay! You sold your house!! Congratulations on the new one too!! I'm so happy that all that stress is over for you :)

I'm sorry to hear your mom wasn't well, but I'm glad she's okay now.

Happy 50th to your hubby. He sure is a handsome guy ;)

Congratulations again sweet friend and have fun with your company!