Monday, October 26, 2009

Think Pink!

I like to stop by and visit my friends first thing in the morning - goes well with my coffee, but my new office/sewing room is upstairs so that means walking up stairs (carpeted) with a cup of coffee. I'm not exactly graceful when I'm wide awake so that probably isn't the best idea (not that I wouldn't love an excuse to remove the carpet, but that needs to wait a bit) so I ordered myself a new friend.

Meet Lola.

all charged up and ready to take me on my morning visits. Now, I usually don't post early in the morning - it takes me a bit to wake up (ask my family!) but I like to take a look-see around and Lola is perfect! (although some pages I have to save to read later on the desktop where I can actually SEE the words! LOL)
Thanks for the comments and emails about my conservatory. Here is the deal. Yes, this neighborhood has deed restrictions which include approval before adding any 'structure' to the property. I knew that before we wrote a contract on the house and I don't have a problem with that, however, I don't consider my conservatory a 'structure'. It isn't permanent - or even semi-permanent. It is basically a table with a wood and glass dome sitting on top. Okay - it is a rather large dome, but still. . . I consider it more of a piece of furniture. And another 'beef' if you will, we had barely been in the house 2 weeks when they did their 'drive-by' and spotted my 'large wood and glass structure'. Give me a break - could you at least let me unpack my underwear before you start sending out 'we really don't want your kind in our neighborhood' letters. Geesh. Really makes a person feel welcome. In all the time I've had my little gem only one person has had anything negative to say about it and that was my dad. (he just doesn't get it)
Hubby has said he will go by the HOA office and get the form to submit but I want a description of what they consider a 'structure'. I still say it isn't any more a structure than the tables, chairs or benches on other porches. It is one of my most favorite things so most likely I will just bring her inside and park her in the corner of my bedroom where she won't offend anyone and I can admire her all I want. The only approval I need for that is hubby - and if I could figure out how to move her by myself I wouldn't need that! (she is a bit awkward to move)
Guess I should get back to unpacking boxes - I think they reproduce at night when I am asleep!

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Nola @ the Alamo said...

The HOA crap is the very reason I LIVE in my back yard, and only tend my front as necessary! Move your "structure" to the back where you can enjoy it.
My back yard is "ME", all wild and weedy. The front yard is just like every other yard on the block; void of personality; exactly what the HOA wants to see!