Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3 'new' lights - zero dollars

Here is how I got three 'new' light fixtures for zero dollars.

This is the light fixture that was in the upstairs hallway

Replaced it with this fixture that was in the entry. Nothing great, but not horrible - and zero dollars.
Remember I said we found a box with light fixtures in it when we were moving boxes around in the garage last weekend? I had bought two hanging lights to use in the guest room (in the old house) and rather than go to all the trouble of hard-wiring them, we just hung them with hooks since they had switches and plugs. When we got ready to put the house on the market, I took them down and stored them with the mounting hardware (can you believe I even saved it, much less found it!)

And now one of them hangs here outside the laundry room - right inside the garage door. The fixture that was here was the same as the one we replaced in the upstairs hall - ugly. Two lights, zero dollars.

The other hanging light went in the entry to replace the one we moved upstairs. Really hard to get a picture of these lights since the crystals send light in all directions!

Three 'new' lights - zero dollars!
Probably not what I would have chosen for an entry if I went shopping, but the price was right!
If you look really close at the hanging lights, you might be able to see what color paint I have under my fingernails. :) And no, that color isn't going everywhere - just the entry, kitchen and that small space between the kitchen and laundry room.
The last look at my blog reader showed 275 unread posts. My, my. How far behind will I be before I start catching up? Is there a limit to how many unread posts it will store?
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Nola @ the Alamo said...

Tina, You are so lucky that you and the mister have the skills to install those lights. You saved a bundle on the cost of the electrician alone! You go girl!

Michelle said...

Pretty lights and no money.. even better!

Anonymous said...

I love the paint colors and also the new lighting..! How fun to do things to make the house your own. Terry in Arlington

Kathy said...

Great job with the light fixtures. They look great and the price was right.

Oh, the reader will hold a lot more than 275 unread blogs. Mine currently is around 380. Just about the time I get it down, then everyone does a new one in the same day. I doubt that I will ever be caught up.

Enjoy reading about you working on your new house.