Friday, January 22, 2010

Kitchen pictures

Thought I would post a few more pictures of the kitchen since I finished painting.

this first picture was taken from the den. With the light it is kinda hard to see the difference in color but everything from the den side is still beige. It will be getting a coat (or two!) of Pebble (green) sometime in the near future.

Looking back across the breakfast bar. I love my new sink!

I'm sure the stuff on top of the cabinets will get a shuffle or two. I still want to paint the cabinets white and build some type of cabinet/shelf over the fridge. I'm trying to make myself get all the walls painted before I tackle the cabinets.

This is the wall that comes from the kitchen into the breakfast room. Just to the left of this picture is the little area I showed you that goes into the laundry room then the other half of this wall that is in the kitchen. I have my grandmother's apron hanging there but I missed it when I was uploading photos - I'll show it later. Just to the right of the little while table is the den. If you look at the upper right corner you can see how much different (and better!) the yellow looks from the beige. (that's the wall going up the stairs)

Another shot of the entry. I decided to hang one of the many yet-to-be-hung pieces over the front door.
Better go check on dinner. Hubby should be home in a few and I have one of his favorites in the oven. (pork chops on rice)
Have a great weekend.


Nola said...

Your kitchen is beautiful! Be careful if you paint those cabinets; I am not an authority, but let me tell you, the cabinets in this house were pretty freshly painted when we moved in (they looked new at the time). Over time, though, they are getting rubbed and scratched, so be sure you use some heavy duty paint that will hold up to the wear and tear kitchen cabinets take.

Karen said...

I love the new paint color. Everything looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

The color is great. It looks like it was meant to be that way. I love all your accessories and the stainless appliances. :) Terry in Arlington

Sherry said...

The kitchen is beautiful. I love the color. I would love to do something with my cabinets - even get new ones!