Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And in the other corner

On the wall opposite the one with baby pictures (that I showed the other day) I have senior (high school) pictures of the boys. (so one wall I have 18 months, the other - 18 years)

The quilt was given to me by a friend who was no longer using blue and yellow in her house.

The plaque above the boys pictures came from Hobby Lobby. It's metal and was a reddish-brown color which just wasn't going to work here so I spray painted it black then dry-brushed some gold on it to make the details stand out a bit. (should have used a different color gold, but that is what I had on hand)
I really wanted to buy paint yesterday and get started on another room but I resisted. Do I really want to paint again right now? No, but I want it painted and I can't figure out another way to get it done. I've got another project I've been working on this week - hope to have it finished by the weekend and then catch up on some other things next week so maybe I can put a little green paint on some walls the week after.
I have finally managed to get my blog reader under 100 posts - not an easy thing to do when it was over 600 at one point. I need to figure out a way to keep up with reading blogs while I'm actually doing something worthy of posting on my own blog!

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Vonna Pfeiffer said...

I love the corner and it's pictures!