Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Powder Room

This room is very hard to take pictures of. It is small and has no natural light - I did the best I could. I would like to blame the size/light for how boring the before pictures are, but while they did make matters worse, it was just a really blah space. I hope the blue paint helps! So, here we go with the before and after pics.

Builder beige walls. What else can you say?

After, with a little blue paint on the walls! The little shelf has had several past lives. My dad made it and it was in the bathroom at our old house. First it was stained, then painted green (not sure if you can tell it is green in the before pic) I repainted it and hung it back in the same place.

What can I say about this little niche? Useless. I don't know why they didn't make a small closet or something here - or if they had to do the little niche, they could have at least put an outlet here so you could have a small lamp or something. Whatever.

The white cabinet is one we were using at the apartment and I really had no good place for it here so it just kind of landed in the niche. Good place to store extra tp.

I tried to get a picture of the sandcastle picture by taking a picture in the mirror. Didn't work too well but I hung it back in the same spot after painting.

We left the light fixture and mirror. I don't know if this was the one 'upgraded' light fixture when the house was built or if it was changed out after but it isn't too bad. I would prefer a framed mirror so may change that somewhere down the road, but for now it isn't horrible. We did change out the faucet and the tp and towel holder.
This is the same blue I used in the master bedroom. Sure makes me want to get going on painting the rest of the house!
That's about it - only so many pictures you can take in a room this small!

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Anonymous said...

love the blue in there, love the niche too....but somehow would be darling to get it wired for a lamp. I also like the Titanic theme! Terry in Arlington who has 8 inches of snow today and had to teach elem school in it! ick