Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Twenty-six birthdays

And this is the first one I've spent apart from him. I've missed birthday's for the other boys - when Brian was living in Illinois and when baby boy started college (and no longer lived at home) but this is the first one of Timothy's I've missed completely. I might have only seen him long enough to say happy birthday, but at least I saw him.
One of the things I was going to do once I wasn't working anymore was organize my pictures - I've had a year - don't even have a good running start but I went through a few boxes and I'm going down memory lane here a bit.

Three weeks

Eight months - he will surely love me for posting these. Takes after his mother and hates to have his picture made. A month later he was walking - everywhere!

First haircut. Yes, we went through a lot of 'binkys'

Out of three boys, he was the only one to break a bone or get stitches. He was five here. The cast didn't slow him down at all. The stitches came a few years later. Amazing - those were the only two times he injured himself badly enough to warrant a trip to the ER and trust me, he was a busy little guy - still is!

He would try most anything once - his first tomato plant - couldn't find a pic with it loaded with red 'maters but it produced a lot! (if Papa could grow 'maters, he could too)

He taught himself to ride a bike in one afternoon.

A teenager (barely - he had just turned 13) with our first doxie, Honey.

High school - he marched

he rested

he played

he concentrated

and yes, he knows what to do with all those knobs and buttons. How? I dunno - but he does!

High school graduation

College graduation

And now living on his own and working in the big city. (this picture was taken at Jason's graduation in May - I'm telling ya, he doesn't like to have his picture made - I had to hunt for this one!)
If he were here I would make him an Italian Cream Cake. I owe you one, kid.
Your parents are very proud.
Happy Birthday, Timothy!

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Nola said...

Happy B'day to Timothy!
Do you remember the general area where you found that ladder at Canton? I'm going in March or April and want to look for onel