Thursday, April 22, 2010

My New Man

Okay - didn't mean to tease you with the news of my winning a man. :) We were out of town all day Tuesday and yesterday was chaotic - I think my life has been in constant chaos for the last year and a half and it is wearing on me, but I'll get into yesterday in another post.
Here are the promised pictures of my new man

Isn't he cute? Saluting as he holds my scissors. I put him to work immediately!

How about a close-up?

I just happened to be using black scissors when I won him but I grabbed a pair of floral ones just so there was a little more contrast between the scissors and my man. I haven't named him yet.
If you would like to get your very own man to put to work for you give Pam @ 3 Stitches a call @281-320-0133 or email her at
I will get to pictures of the other goodies I came home with later - chaos, I'm telling ya.


Margo said...

I'm glad that is his marching leg holding up those scissors. I had to look closely that it wasn't something else.

Nola said...

What a find, a man that works and doesn't talk back!