Wednesday, April 28, 2010


One thing about hanging around the house waiting for people to show up is that I get a few things done. (we won't discuss the fact that I have plenty of cleaning I could be doing)
Anyway - I sewed up a receiving blanket for a baby gift

The blue side is cotton and the white side is flannel. I love these things.

The other thing I sewed on was a pillowcase. I've made pillowcases before but I never liked the raw seams on the inside. I picked up a 'kit' with instructions for making one without the raw edges. I read it several times and was drawing a complete blank. It talked about rolling the fabric and making a 'hot dog' and the only picture was of a hot dog. I was totally confused, so I took to looking for a picture on the internet. Once I found a real picture it made perfect sense!

and I finally got my pillowcase put together! No raw edges to ravel on the inside.

Obviously I took pictures before the blanket or pillowcase were washed and ironed!

I smashed the you-know-what out of my thumb this morning. Cut and bled right through the nail. It is really hard to type with a sore thumb!

Thanks for all the comments/emails on my scissor board. I'll show it again when I find more scissors and/or when I get the wall painted.


Anonymous said...

What a cute blanket. And admire your effort to make a seemless pillow case. How thoughtful.

OMG Your poor thumb! I can't imagine how that must hurt.

Deb said...

What a cute blanket and pillowcase! Both are very pretty - just love the fabric on the pillowcase. What would we all do without the internet. I have figured out how to do more things through tutorials and You Tube. That cracks me up that they showed a picture of a hot dog! LOL

Hope your thumb feels better quickly. I'm grimacing just reading your description!!! Ouch!