Friday, December 10, 2010

2010 Holiday tour, part 2

More upstairs decor. You will just have to ignore all the builder beige walls - we haven't started painting upstairs yet - hopefully this spring!

At the top of the stairs there is an angled wall between the hallway and the 'game room' (sounds like it should have a pool table or something, but it is just a room with bookcases and a tv - there are games on the bookcases so. . .) Anyway - I have a little table against that wall and that is where I put our little fireman Santa collection this year. I made the table runner without really knowing where I was going to use it but it seems to work well here. (it is made with Christmas fabrics)

Around the 'corner' from that table, in the game room, is where I put the fireman tree this year. I used to put all the fireman ornaments on the big tree but we have finally collected enough that last year I decided to give them their own tree. I usually add at least one new ornament every year - more if I come across them.

I usually pick up fireman ornaments when I find them but this was the first time I came across an ambulance so I had to get it for the tree.

Fireman snowmen are hard to come by too. I found this one this year. (including this one, there are only two on the tree)

This is the last of the new fireman ornaments for this year. (unless I come across one we don't have between now and Christmas)

Wanna see the rest of the game room?

I'm not quite through decorating so there is still a mess in there. More reality - what can I say?

Upstairs bathroom. What? You don't decorate your bathrooms? Just a couple of hand towels and my wonky wooden tree.

Next week we will go back downstairs to see more trees.

Have a great weekend!


Jean said...

Love the fireman tree. So cute! I'm still decorating too. So much to do and so little time! Love to you. Jean

Lorilee said...

Beautiful! I am still decorating too! I don't think I will be putting out quite as much. There is just so much to do and so little time. Maybe when I retire, I won't feel quite as rushed! With just weekends to get things done, I get a bit stressed!