Friday, December 17, 2010

2010 Holiday tour, part 5 (the end)

Here are the last pictures of the holiday tour.

We have made it to the main tree which is in the living room (den, family room, whatever you call it - we don't have a formal living room so. . .)
Anyway - here she is

It was quite a challenge this year. This was a pre-lit tree and I can't tell you how long I've had it but for the past couple of years there have been sections of lights that did not work. I would stick lights in the dark spots and move on, telling myself that I would re-do the lights next year. Well, that never happened so last year I took all the lights off before I put it away which meant I had to do the lights this year. It came with 800 lights. (I still have the box so I looked) I ended up with 950 lights by the time I was through! If you see any dark spots now it is because an ornament is blocking a light!

I finally got packages under the tree yesterday! I'm almost through with shopping (except groceries - haven't made that list yet!)

I had this Santa on top of my last tree and always loved him. When I got the tree we have now, it was taller and Santa would no longer fit (we had 8' ceilings in the old house) but I'm happy to say he is back on top of the tree this year. Problem is that the branches on this tree aren't very sturdy and with years of use they have gotten less so. Santa is perched up there with bobby pins holding him up!

Here are some of the new ornaments on the tree for this year.

The first two I showed you when I finished stitching them

But here they are on the tree.

A snowflake for us.

A dragon for Brian.

Taz for Timothy.

And a snowman for baby boy and his bride - who are glad to not be in the Minnesota snow this year!

And finally - a strange sight in our house.

Not just sleeping dogs, but dogs sleeping together when they don't have to. They share a bed at night but during the day they usually nap apart. I think this is a first. They must know Santa is on his way. :)

The next few days will be pretty busy. The oldest two are coming for Christmas (Timothy is staying a whole week! Yeah!) I may or may not get another post in before Christmas so I wanted to say thanks for all the comments on my holiday home tour (or any post for that matter!) - if you have an email address attached to your comment I tried to respond to them all but some don't. :( I do appreciate all comments and read each one. I'm trying to get around and visit those of you that have blogs - sometimes I have trouble commenting from my netbook which is how I usually read blogs in the mornings and evenings. I try to remember to go back and comment when I get back on the desktop but well, the memory ain't what it used to be!

I hope each of you have a Merry Christmas!

Holiday hugs from Texas.


Maggie said...

Thanks for your Christmas decoration tour, i enjoyed seeing all your decorations :-)

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas x

Lorilee said...

Love the dogs sleeping together. We have two dogs and they are always apart. One on the sofa and one on the love seat!

Anonymous said...

The tree is great! The doggies are so sweet. :) Terry

annemarie said...

Beautiful tree - love your two new cross stitch ornaments. The sock monkey ornament turned out so cute. I never got the Just Cross Stitch ornament issue - are both of these from this issue. I seem to recall you saying the sock monkey ornament was in this magazine. Your kids are lucky they were not in Minnesota this year - that last storm brought over 20 inches of snow and frigid temps. Enjoy your boys and the holidays.