Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Since the ladder was out anyway. . .

While the guys were out putting up Christmas lights they also replaced two of these on the front porch

The other one had already been removed before I took the picture.

We replaced the 'builder specials' with these (it does hang straight - it was windy!)

So much better!

Back to holiday stuff.

So where do you store all your holiday decor?
The biggest part of mine goes in here.

I have one word for ya - claustrophobia. Our old attic had a regular door and I could walk right in, look through the boxes and decide if I wanted to haul them down. I have to wait for hubby to drag boxes out of here so instead of getting a few at a time they all come out at one once.

Now for some reality pics -

This is the current state of the game room. There are a few more boxes over to the right of these. I won't use everything out of these boxes but since I don't know what is in which box, they all have to come out so I can see what I have and decide what I want to use. (even thought I tried really hard to label them last year before they went in the attic)

That's not all folks.

This chest is full of holiday decor too! (the dog 'tent' isn't usually there - I had to move it to put the tree up and I haven't found it a new temporary home yet)

I should have taken more pictures (but these are scary enough!) - you can't see what is behind me in this picture - or the three totes that have already been emptied and returned to the guest room closet or the under-bed box under the guest bed.

Once I get some of this cleared out, I'll post some prettier pictures! I'm peddling as fast as I can!


Lee said...

I have those dormer style storage closets, too. Some people have walk-in closets? I have crawl-in closets...

I'm looking forward to seeing all of your holiday decs!

Lainey said...

Lovely new lantern lights Tina. Can't wait to see the contents off all those boxes.

Deb said...

I think those new porch lights are just perfect. And I'm still waiting for hubby to move all his tools and whatnot from the shelves so I can get at the Christmas decorations. If I did it, I'd be rearranging and organizing all his things and Christmas would never make an appearance around here.

Lorilee said...

Your new lights are beautiful! I have lots of tubs too! Mine are in the attic. I have to walk hunched over to get to them and then climb down a pull down ladder. I am usually rather sore after getting the tubs down! I am hoping to get started this weekend. I haven't had time in the evenings after school to get started!

Faye said...

Just found your blog...Love the reality photo~~~ Yes, we are all scurrying around to get that decorating done~~~ Take care, Faye