Friday, February 4, 2011

Houston is closed!

Houston is closed today! We were supposed to have snow but what we have is ice. Ice + elevated roads = closed for business! The picture is what my van looks like this morning - and that is far out the door as I plan on getting!

One would think I would be getting lots of stuff done but one would be wrong. I've been sitting in front of the tv like a bump-on-a-log. I have no idea why. The only thing that has been on is weather/weather related stuff. Have I picked up anything to stitch on while I was watching tv. Nope. Like I said, bump-on-a-log. The local stations skipped the regular morning shows and have been on air all morning showing the iced over roads and the idiots that tried to drive them. How many of them had a choice of getting out is any one's guess. There are always those people who have to go to work even in bad weather (police, fire, ems, etc.) but then there are those who just think they can drive in it. I'm sure all the people up north are laughing, but people down here don't know how to drive on icy roads. I'm guessing the rental car business will be booming since there will be so many cars in the body shop.

Me? I'm staying put. I guess I'll go start some laundry and see if my chair is still warm! Maybe I'll even pick up something to stitch while I sit there. :)

Have a great (safe) weekend!


Deb said...

I think this winter has been rotten all the way around no matter where you live. I think that being holed up in the house would be a good thing, but I'm like a bump on a log too!

Hope that it warms up for you soon. You should have warm weather - not ice!!

Margo said...

Houston may be closed but Tyler is slushy. I was one of the few folks to venture out today. It's really yucky out there, and I know you guys got it much worse. Hang in there, we'll be wishing for this in July.
Miss you,

Amy said...

This is my second winter in Houston. I have seen this kind of mess in Ohio. We wouldn't go out there either!!

This isn't much else worse than ice.

Stay warm and safe.

Carolyn said...

Our town was closed, too, and we didn't even get the ice that y'all got. It is VERY cold, though, so my hiney is sitting really comfy under my quilt in my chair getting ready to start stitching. :)

Unknown said...

Well its ok to stay home and stitch stitch stitch