Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I forgot one

When I was showing my quilt show goodies yesterday I forgot one - I already had it hanging on the front door. I made this banner a year (or two - I forget) ago but I couldn't find a hanger for it so I painted a dowel rod and used a piece of ribbon to hang it on the door. Last year at the show I looked for a hanger but couldn't find one the right size.

This year I found one! The first day we went - in fact this was one of my first purchases. (naturally I found several after I bought this one - for less $$ but oh well!) Eventually I'll get around to making a couple of banners for other seasons but so far this one is pretty lonely. And yes, I need to find a smaller suction cup since this is not heavy but the last thing I had hanging there and my Christmas wreath need the larger one so. . .

This is the flower pot Sarah brought me (belated b'day) I was going to put a plant in it before I showed it but the weather didn't co-operate with me yesterday and today I'm dealing with the insurance company. I hate dealing with insurance companies - I don't care what kind it is, their main goal seems to be to keep you so confused you just give up. Argh.
My green Ikea table has faded over the summer - I'll be giving it a spray pick-me-up come spring time!
I have done a little stitching this week - I'll show pics on Friday (because tomorrow is reality Thursday!)
Have a great day!


Terry said...

I was just thinking what a neat green color the table is-I thought it was supposed to be that way! Cute planter and hanger!

Mouse said...

ohhh that's a pretty hanging quilt just right for this time of year ... and typical about the hanger rod too .. love the tea pot and the table looks lovely from here :) and yeahhhhh some stitching up dates soon :) love mouse xxx

Cindy said...

I really like your fall hanging :D....I have been looking to do one for me and I think I will use your idea....thank you for the inspiration!

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

that's a neat idea hanging something on a dowel rod...cute, cute!!