Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quilt show goodies

I really didn't buy too much at the quilt show this year, or at least compared to previous years I didn't. :)

It sure did feel like more when I was toting it around. I won't go into specifics on all of it because some of it might just be gifts - or used in gifts. Won't say if it will be this Christmas or next, but anyway. The bundle of fabric at the top right was a gift from one of the girlfriends and not one of my purchases.

These babies are all mine! I'm going to put the fob with the rotary cutter on my rotary cutter (brilliant, I know) and the other two may go on these scissors or on some of the other 'nekkid' scissors I have hanging around.

Here is a pic of the gift fabric with another bundle I already had in my stash. Not bad, huh?

I picked up this cutie at a shop we went to on Saturday (yes, I know, we had just spent two days at the quilt festival and we hit up more shops!) This was the only purchase I made there and it was in the sale room - $2.00. I just couldn't leave it behind!

We have a 'cold front' moving in - not actually supposed to start raining until later today but it is looking pretty dark out there right now and I can hear thunder. Wonder if I will have to give up my crop pants and flip flops before the end of the day?


Mouse said...

ooooo nice stash and those charms are lovely :) nice pot holder too :) love mouse xxxx

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Great Stash Tina !!! We are getting a cold snap too! Enjoy all those goodies!!

Terry said...


I love your goodies..and I got a candle mat pattern on Saturday too. They did not have the felt kit to go with it, so I am going to have to order it. I got the fish one for the lake house. Oh..I would love to go back for just one more trip thru the shops..lol.

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Okay, I am really SO jealous!! I am coveting everything in your stash. Where's the next quilt show???? ;)