Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rounding out the holidays

After our trips to see TSO and Mission Impossible, we spent Christmas Day at home. It was kinda nice.

We missed our New Yorkers but had a nice long (3 hour!) video chat with them. Isn't amazing how far technology has come?

During the video chat Ashley asked who found the pickle - which sent everyone to the tree since no one had found it yet. To let baby boy and his bride in on the fun, hubby took them to the tree (via the iPad) and they directed him around while looking for it. Ashely is pretty good and usually finds it when she is here but this time Brian found it. Autumn looks like she is trying to get in on the fun, but she is really just trying to get someone to throw the ball again.

Ashley made me this pin cushion - isn't it cute? I don't know where she found the little teacup, but I love it!

Of course, then there is the clean up. I didn't think to take any pictures until I was half way through (at one point you could not see the surface of the table)

Stuff is kinda stored all over, but the bulk of it goes in the attic so it that all has to be hauled upstairs and boxed. Thankfully we managed to get it all put back in the attic while hubby was off work on Monday. I've been spending this week trying to get everything back in place. I'm getting there - except for my office. I have a bit of a disaster in here at the moment. Hubby got me a new monitor for Christmas (if you have been here long, you know mine has been giving me fits for months) I'm loving being able to actually see what I am doing on the screen (instead of that smeared ink look I've been used to) but it meant pulling everything out of the cabinet to get to cords and such and since this one is wider than the old one, I'm having to re-think everything before it goes back in. Unfortunately it did nothing for the actual computer. She's old and she's slow. (but hey, so am I) I almost ordered a new one while Timothy was here (I'll need him to help me transfer everything over - I won't even pretend to know anything about that) but it wouldn't even ship before he left so I'm hoping to get one ordered in the next few months and have him come back. (I promised him an Italian Cream Cake if he comes!)

That pretty much sums it up for our holiday this year. (still have the girlfriends gifts to deliver but not sure when that will happen) I've got several projects in mind for the next few months and hopefully my new chairs will be ready to pick up next week and they will need to be painted - along with the table and bench. (I will have to make a ASCP purchase first - I might have enough but I don't want to get in the middle of it and find out I don't!).

Well, it isn't going to get done with me sitting here. (what a shame - I would much rather sit here and visit blogs than vacuum and dust!)

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❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

My dining room looks much like yours but I've still got alot of packing to do!
It's good to have a computer nerd in the family to help with those technical kind of things. And bribing him with an Italian Cream Cake doesn't hurt either. LOL If I help you with something, will you make me an Italian Cream Cake??