Tuesday, January 10, 2012


In fabric!

I did manage a few stitches in fabric (which is better than in my thumb!) Kind of a late start but these are my first stitches of the new year. I decided to work on something that was already kitted up (still need to pull the DMC, but that is easy) instead of kitting something new and since I wasn't sure I would actually be able to stitch I picked something small. I didn't get much done since the needle kept sticking to my band-aid and pulling back out, but I enjoyed every stitch!

The thumb is getting better. Still can't leave it uncovered as it wants to pull open then it catches on stuff, but hopefully another day or two and I'll be good as new.

Spent a little of my non-stitching time reading. I used to read a lot but the last few years it seems if I wasn't stitching I was either reading magazines or blogs. When I got my iPad I downloaded the Kindle app. and I'm reading my second book on it. I'm enjoying it so far. Not sure how I would like it for magazines - I like looking at the pictures in magazines, and I like saving them (in theory, I would save just the pictures/articles I like and get rid of the magazines but in reality I have stacks of magazines everywhere!) If you have tried getting magazines on an e-reader I would be interested in hearing your thoughts. (also, if you have any good books to recommend)

Kinda chilly here today so guess what I am going to make for dinner? Chili!


aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Great start Tina!! Sorry about the thumb!! My finger tips dry out in the weather and split on the sides. More so when I was working and handling paper all day.. Glad you still can stitch!!
I have the Kindle, I read only at night to help me get to sleep, sometimes that don't work if I get to involved in the book... lol
I don't have the Kindle Fire, It is the one in color. I love looking at magazines over and over. I have piles too!!! lol A magazine is a lot bigger than the e-readers or Ipad. I will stick with my paper magazines! lol
Enjoy the Chili!!!

Shanda said...

So glad you were able to get a few stitches in!

Lorilee said...

So sorry about your thumb! I hope it gets better soon. I have the problem of dry and cracking fingers too. It make them snag on the yarn when I crochet. It also makes it nearly impossible to put on hose. Luckily, I seldom have to do that.

Mouse said...

sorry to hear the thumb is still being a pain ... but ooooooo what is the pattern ???? love the colours look like crescent or gast :) love mouse xxxx