Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Looking out my front door

This is what I see when I look out my front door. When we bought this house both trees were not in great shape but we thought for sure we would have to replace the crepe myrtle. It was all spindly and had dark spots all over it. It kind of became hubby's tree - he was determined to save it. I would say he has done a pretty fair job! The reason they look like they are leaning is that every time I tried to get a picture the wind would kick back up. It doesn't really lean that far! My mushroom family are all still hanging out behind the hedges until I decide something else to do with them.
Have a great week!


Mouse said...

well your view is much nice than mine ... and well done DH i agree you have done a wonderful job in saving the tree :) love mouse xxxx

Melody said...

What a pretty tree!

Terry said...

It is amazing how well a plant or tree can come back! I saved a hibiscus in the garage all winter, and it is now full and pretty..saving me from buying another one. However, it is not blooming yet. Your tree is so pretty!