Thursday, June 6, 2013

The secret mushroom society

This what you will see if you sit on the bench on the front porch. I'm calling it the secret mushroom society. I don't really have another place for them right now, so I'm keeping in the front flower bed - just keeping them behind the shrubs. I know they are there - and if I come across any that have potential as future members, I might snag them too!
I hope everyone is doing well! We went from pretty nice spring weather hello Houston humidity in warp speed. I still don't have any stitching to show - when I get some decent light I'll show you some progress on the FAS. Not a lot of progress since I kept making mistakes on one letter. I do not know how many times I had to take parts out and stitch them again. I had to throw a couple of lengths of silk away because they were so worn. :( I will say, in my defense, the offending letter was split up across the corner of 4 pages!
Okay - just wanted to stop in and say hello. Hopefully someday soon I will get myself together enough to actually post more than once in a blue moon. Thanks for hanging around!


Melody said...

Nice to read your post. Your mushrooms are cute. At least you get to enjoy them by your shrub.

pam said...

I love the SMS!

Terry said...

So take that, silly neighborhood rules! Your mushrooms are cute. It makes me happy to see a Tina post!